Limitless provides a full range of financial and accounting services in Nepal. We provide excellent accounting and auditing services. Our accounting services comply with international standards. Our in-depth knowledge of local requirements helps us adapt and implement best practices on-site and ensure excellent quality. "The standard

for all our services. In the global business environment, companies face many challenges in accounting as shareholders and regulators. And other external parties are more interested in how companies report, disclose, and report their financial performance. With more stringent reviews of disclosure and reporting requirements, many organizations find it difficult to meet these additional requirements.

We can help you focus on growing your business and serving customers while maintaining your accounting records. Our experience enables us to Improve internal controls, keep more accurate records and reduce the possibility of fraud.


We offer professional financial services to businesses. Auditing, taxation, accounting, financial analysis, risk management, advising on financial structures and provide trustworthy information about financial records.